Johnny Gaddaar (title track)

JG (Johnny Gaddaar) is one of the finest of 2007, even though it didn’t get its due recognition. Its on my top 5 (Bheja Fry, Chak De, Jab We Met, Taare Zameen Par & JG) of 2007. And the music is refreshing, stylish, and in tune with the ultra-sleekness of the movie. Here’s the title song, chorded and tabbed, for most part. Fun lyrics, great tremolo feel to the guitar riff (though reminds of Rama Re song from Kaante), the song totally rocks! Hope the tab helps. Have fun!

Johnny Gaddaar Riff
[riff repeats]
chhoti si jindagi gehari si jeb hai
baaki toh jaan-e-mann baaton ke seb hai – 2

baatein hai sab saali baatein hain
kehate hai phir bhool jaatein hain
Am C Eb Bb
hey johnny zindagi juwaan hai khel yaar
hey johnny gaddaar aaj nakad kal phir udhaar
hey johnny matlab hi hai asali yaar,
[riff repeats]
hey johnny

[interlude: on Am pent scale, play two notes at a time]
aayegi nahi phir yeh jindagi
Am F
mar marake kyun jina yaar, jamake khaana pina yaar
mar marake kyun jina yaar, bharake pyaala pina yaar
Cm Am
maangega toh mera hai, chinega toh tera hai ki nahi
[riff repeats]
baatein hai sab saali baatein hain
kehate hai phir bhool jaatein hain
(didn’t transcribe here onwards, because its same as above)
hey johnny sab kuchh hai yahaan sale mein
hey johnny gaddaar sab chalata hai khel mein
hey johnny chadh ja tu bhi rail mein, hey johnny

bharake chusle, eb mein thus le
baaton mein na aana tu, apani karata jaana tu
baaton mein na aana tu, apana gaana gaana tu
jaadu hai tere mein – 2 ki nahi
bhala kar toh tera bhala ho, aisa kaam jo saala chala ho
hey johnny thoda sa tu bhi khel yaar
hey gaddaar jo aaye tu pel yaar

hey johnny aaj nakad kal phir udhaar, hey johnny

For the main riff, you HAVE to get the tremolo effect. And switch between tremolo and distortion for the main part. But its a fun song, can be played in thousand diff style. So put in your own licks, add a solo, play some palm-muted power chords, and … just make it your own! Tons of opportunity…


‘Maa’ from Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen ParIts a terrific song (though a sappy one, but melodious), and has even more terrific cinematic moments associated … remember Ishaan’s look while at being left ‘alone’ at boarding school? Anyways, here’s the chords if you want to play on guitar or keyb. Its a simple song, yet effective, with one small twist during the verse.

Maa (Taare Zameen Par)

 C            F      C
Main Kabhi Batlata Nahin
 G             F               C
Par Andhere Se Darta Hoon Main Maa
 C              F      C
Yun To Main,Dikhlata Nahin
 G           F               C
Teri Parwaah Karta Hoon Main Maa
      F         G            C
Tujhe Sab Hain Pata, Hain Na Maa
      F         G               C
Tujhe Sab Hain Pata, ...... Meri Maa
  C                F       C
Bheed Mein Yun Na Chodo Mujhe
 G               F            F
Ghar Laut Ke Bhi Aa Naa Paoon Maa
 C            F          C
Bhej Na Itna Door Mujkko Tu
 G              F            C
Yaad Bhi Tujhko Aa Naa Paoon Maa
     G     F            C
Kya Itna Bura Hoon Main Maa
     G     F              C
Kya Itna Bura .....  Meri Maa      [interlude, C    F   (2) C   F    G   F   /  C   F   G  E    Am / Am-G-C]  
     C            E7
Jab Bhi Kabhi Papa Mujhe
  Am       G#         Fm       C
Jo Zor Se Jhoola Jhulate Hain Maa
  C            E7
Meri Nazar Dhoondhe Tujhe
  Am        G#      Fm       C
Sochu Yahi Tu Aa Ke Thaamegi Maa
  C            F       C
Unse Main Yeh Kehta Nahin
 G             F          C
Par Main Seham Jaata Hoon Maa
 C             F      C
Chehre Pe Aana Deta Nahin
 G              F              C
Dil Hi Dil Mein Ghabraata Hoon Maa
      G        F           C
Tujhe Sab Hai Pata Hai Naa Maa
      G        F                C
Tujhe Sab Hai Pata ......   Meri Maa
 [repeat first stanza]

Main Kabhi Batlata Nahin ....   

To embellish the song, you can pick up a harmonica (Chromatic one will be fine as the song is in C, else you can pick a C-scale harp) and play the prelude and interludes. Its got nice guitar interludes too, if you have someone accompanying you on keyb/guitar, you can play them or even better, improvise! Enjoy!And yeah, the movie is a gem! Go watch …

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