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Krazzy4 music and Ram Sampath

We should all thank Ram Sampath for bringing this shameless plagiarism in Bollywood to some justice. Next time, Anu Maliks and Pritams of the big bad world of Bollywood will think twice before copying (Hey Pritam, you better watch out. Ram S just took money, once Koreans come after you with their Kung Fu wrath, you’ll be royally screwed).

First of all, I don’t know why does even Rajesh Roshan appear in the list of current list of Bollywood music directors! He doesn’t belong to this century, he is still stuck in 70’s. His compositions suck, his instrumentation is even worse. Anyone who thinks the music of Krrish well-suited the movie, probably doesn’t have a clue about music. Krrish is a modern superheroe movie and the music should have been produced with a studio full of electronic gadgets. And any idea who is the king of electronica in Bollywood? None other than very less known and outlandishly creative Ram Sampath.

Heard of Colourblind? Its one heck of a progressive electronic rock album produced in India. Here are a few songs. Composed and produced by Ram Sampath (and Siddharth Achrekar).

(Listen to that song on a good sound system, please).

You can download a good quality of music video for your iPod from Sid’s site as well as mp3s of all the songs from this awesome album.

I wish Roshans improve their taste of music a bit, and open up little bit beyond their khandani music director Chacha Roshan. (While I admit Chachu Roshan created some fine music in 70’s, but that was > 30 yrs ago).

My sincere request to Papa Roshan – the next sci-fi movie you make, please take Ram Sampath as the music director. He will rock, and trust me, your 2 crore investment will pay back! I have heard Tanha Dil (sung by Shaan, music by Ram S) some few thousand times by now, and it still one of my favs.

Desi music directors take this plagiarism as granted. To some extent I feel, they want to copy something and make it a public controversy. Its free publicity, so why not? While its okay to create a cover version of music produced elsewhere (in Pritam’s case, as remote as some tv soap in South Korea) and turn them to very popular music, what’s wrong in giving credit to the original composer? Its done all over the world, and the artists didn’t become smaller by doing so. I am glad Ram S has the guts to drag the Roshans to the court, and hope this sends a warning to Maliks and Chakrabortys alike. Bappi Lahiri did it during his time, but noone had an inkling. Thanks to itwofs reporting, its all out there.

Now Roshans (meaning Papa and Beta Roshans) are coming out in public saying Ram S strangulated us few days before the movie (Krazzy4) release, but where is the real culprit? Where is Chacha Roshan? Why is he keeping such a silence? Or is he ashamed of coming out? Long live original music, long live Ram Sampath, I hope some day Beta Roshan will be dancing to the tunes of Ram Sampath some day! And here’s one more from Colourblind before I sign off.


Lift Karadey by Pritam

Came across this Atif song ‘Pehli Nazar mein’ from Race. Well its not all that a great song anyways… but reading the comments on youtube, what I learn was disturbing.

Thanks to Pritam’s Korea connexion! Wasn’t there another song with Korea connection? I believe it was ‘Kya mujhe pyar hai’ from Woh Lamhe.


At times, he does a good job ripping off, and in fact makes the song better than original. And if the songs of Metro are any proof, I think he should be awarded the greatest arranger for 2007! And its possible that the copy may be better than the original. In the western world, in my opinion, Eric Clapton’s and GnR’s version of Knockin on heaven’s door are better than the original! And so there are many great cover versions such as Turn the page by Metallica, I shot the sheriff by Clapton, Oye Como Va, Black Magic Woman by Santana. Peter Framton’s version of Soundgarden’s Black hole sun is quite awesome.

But all these guys publicly acknowledged it being a cover version, and took the creative freedom to make it their own! Why can’t Mr Chakraborty give the credits to original composer? Will it make him any less of  musician? Did it matter to any of those musicians above? In fact they went on to create some world class covers. And in many cases, people recognize the cover versions more than the originals.

My request to Pritam: Its okay to bring in the influence of world music to Bollywood, and make it better by all means. But do not take away the credits of creation! Don’t you feel ashamed being nominated for the best music director, when all over the world people have living proof of songs being ripped! So why don’t you come out in public, accept it!

May be one more theory behind it is to create these bad publicity intentionally. As you all know, its good to be the center of buzzword. No publicity is bad publicity! Going by that law, it might be helping him more than doing any bad. Bollywood is full of people hungry for any kind of publicity, they will go to any extent for journos to write about them! In the current generation of music directors, I believe, there are more blogs written about Pritam than anyone else! Who cares about Jatins & Lalits? ARRahman is 90’s. Anu Malik has had his share of plagiarism accusations and is past anyways. Vishal, Shekhar are too nice and clean! Ismail Darbar is considering being back as a session musician. Salim Sulaiman just make good music and mind their own business. The Amar Akabar Anthony (SEL) of Bollywood is busy acting in Cricket videos and some of their own soundtracks! Do a google search on Pritam & Plagiarism, you’ll know the amount of internet bandwidth, hard drive space, research dedicated to the cause!

Just like the one you are reading right now …