Lift Karadey by Pritam

Came across this Atif song ‘Pehli Nazar mein’ from Race. Well its not all that a great song anyways… but reading the comments on youtube, what I learn was disturbing.

Thanks to Pritam’s Korea connexion! Wasn’t there another song with Korea connection? I believe it was ‘Kya mujhe pyar hai’ from Woh Lamhe.


At times, he does a good job ripping off, and in fact makes the song better than original. And if the songs of Metro are any proof, I think he should be awarded the greatest arranger for 2007! And its possible that the copy may be better than the original. In the western world, in my opinion, Eric Clapton’s and GnR’s version of Knockin on heaven’s door are better than the original! And so there are many great cover versions such as Turn the page by Metallica, I shot the sheriff by Clapton, Oye Como Va, Black Magic Woman by Santana. Peter Framton’s version of Soundgarden’s Black hole sun is quite awesome.

But all these guys publicly acknowledged it being a cover version, and took the creative freedom to make it their own! Why can’t Mr Chakraborty give the credits to original composer? Will it make him any less of  musician? Did it matter to any of those musicians above? In fact they went on to create some world class covers. And in many cases, people recognize the cover versions more than the originals.

My request to Pritam: Its okay to bring in the influence of world music to Bollywood, and make it better by all means. But do not take away the credits of creation! Don’t you feel ashamed being nominated for the best music director, when all over the world people have living proof of songs being ripped! So why don’t you come out in public, accept it!

May be one more theory behind it is to create these bad publicity intentionally. As you all know, its good to be the center of buzzword. No publicity is bad publicity! Going by that law, it might be helping him more than doing any bad. Bollywood is full of people hungry for any kind of publicity, they will go to any extent for journos to write about them! In the current generation of music directors, I believe, there are more blogs written about Pritam than anyone else! Who cares about Jatins & Lalits? ARRahman is 90’s. Anu Malik has had his share of plagiarism accusations and is past anyways. Vishal, Shekhar are too nice and clean! Ismail Darbar is considering being back as a session musician. Salim Sulaiman just make good music and mind their own business. The Amar Akabar Anthony (SEL) of Bollywood is busy acting in Cricket videos and some of their own soundtracks! Do a google search on Pritam & Plagiarism, you’ll know the amount of internet bandwidth, hard drive space, research dedicated to the cause!

Just like the one you are reading right now …


5 responses to “Lift Karadey by Pritam

  1. Well, the grass is always greener on other side of the sceptic tank. I believe, there are different dimensions of the same incidence. What we see, is a superficial layer, and underneath lies the absolute. We try to comprehend things on the face value. Pritam is creating new wave bollywood music, that we all agree. And publishing and copyright informations are exclusive, does everybody know the copyright regulations! Just a thought, as the copyrighting is so very nascent in India. High five for Pritam, as a trendsetter. Vishal – Shekhar’s “Golmaal” movie soundtrack is the direct rip off of Sean Paul’s Temperature- so much for the nice and clean image.

  2. @mad – don’t get mad 🙂
    Yeah, when it comes to ethics, Pritam is not 1st in Bollywood. Anu Malik is (or was?) even worse, and usually made the copy worse than the original. And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love what Pritam does with the songs, and consider him as one of the greatest arranger.
    Same with Bappi Lahiri in 70’s – (affectionately called Coppi Lahiri). Churned out some of the all-time hits like Hari Om Hari, Ramba Ho, which are ripped from western songs.
    What I have problem with is these guys walking away with Best Music Director award without slightest of the conscience kicking in…

  3. Ghanta……………..!

    Pritam is a Broker….Just a middle man…Lift a melody..and give it to his Arrangers (He has great Arrangers working under him Silently …without any Credits…..Well they get paid well…so enough reason to keep Mouth Shut….hehhee…But they are really Amazing in their work)……and they do all the hard work of Making the Music…

    He doesnt even give the credit of his Music Arrangers…..So HE IS THE MUSIC DIRECTOR,COMPOSER,ARRANGER….(Thank god…the credits are given to the lyricists..n they do a great job too)


  4. Vishal Shekhar started their career with Musu Musu & a couple of other songs in the same movie which are rip offs from Nepali folk songs…straight lifts …Subah Subah from the Arjun Rampal film that tanked is another ripp off of the duo amongst several others…Sajana Ji Wari Wari is a traditional rajastani folk song….so clean image is all bullshit!! Vishal gave such bullshit quotes in the Krazzy 4 controversy…no wonder !!!

  5. Hi, I’m a Peterpan die hard fan. Just to correct your info, Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai is copied from Peterpan’s song “Tak Bisakah” and Peterpan is Indonesian pop-rock band, not Korean (but they went to Korea as Indonesian representative for Asian Song Festival last year)

    Pritam also copied another Peterpan’s song from the same album with Tak Bisakah.
    Aao Milo Chale from Jab We Met is a copy of Peterpan’s “Di Belakangku”.

    Ariel (lead singer of the band and composer of the two songs) was surprised to find out his songs were copied. But I don’t know whether he would sue Pritam or not as he and his fellow Peterpan’s members are busy with their new album, shooting of music video, and their plan to change the band name and image.

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